How China spell doom for Indian Tigers and Rhinos

Pashu Sandesh, 09 November 2018

A recent decision by the Chinese Government has cast a spell of doom on the Indian Tigers and Rhinos. Chinese Government has reversed a 25 year ban order on the use of Animal parts for Medicinal purpose. A statement by the State Council of China on 29 October read: “Powdered form of rhino horns and bones from dead tigers can be used in qualified hospitals by qualified doctors recognised by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

Tiger body parts and Rhinos horns are traditionally used in the Chinese ancient medicine as panacea for the sexual disorder and enhancer of male libido. With the ban in place these body parts were smuggled mostly from India through illegal routes of poachers and traders. 

Now with the ban revoked the demand for the body parts is bound to increase in the name   of the Medicinal use. This increased demand would lead to increased poaching of the Tigers and Rhinos to keep up with the demand. India is home to world’s 60% Tiger population and 80% one horned Rhino which could face serious threat from the Chinese decision. Amid the growing concern, Beijing said that it will “strictly control” the use of rhino and tiger products for medicinal purposes only, the State-run People’s Daily of China tweeted. However the Wild life experts remain sceptical about such claims by the Chinese government.