Man behind the victory of Vets in DACP case

Pashu Sandesh, 15th February 2018

It was a golden day for the Vets when Honorable Supreme Court of India on 30th January 2018 while dismissing the leave petition filed by the Central Government endorsed the Delhi High Court decision of 2014 on providing the Dynamic Assured Career Progression (DACP) to the Veterinary Doctors working for the Central Government. It was indeed a moment of triumph for the Central Government Vets, but few know about the struggle of a man who is the pioneer of this struggle and has spent more than 15 years fighting against this injustice. Let us salute and introduce the man of the moment Dr. Chandra Shekhar Sahukar.

Dr. C S Sahukar an avid Photographer is a graduate of Jabalpur Veterinary College. He completed his BVSc in 1980 and his MVSc in Gynecology from Mhow Veterinary College in 1983. After working as Assistant Veterinary Surgeon for one year following his MVSc he joined the Dairy Federation and then he went on to work with the Agriculture Ministry GOI in 1987. He also served in Africa for one year as Food security expert. Later on, while working as Asst Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Animal Husbandry department GOI he provided his expertise to the Planning Commission and was instrumental in the formulation of Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna.

Dr. C S Sahukar is the man of many facets and has written a number of books notable of which is Piggery India Yearbook. He is also working on Livestock Development Report in India which is due to be published around April this year. He is planning to open an Agriculture Museum which will have the photographs which he has himself taken and collected over the years.

Throughout his exemplary service career, Dr. Sahukar has lived the saying of Mahatma Gandhi that one who except the tyranny and injustice is equally responsible as the one inflicting it. Dr. Sahukar has always fought for the injustice against the Vets. His first success came in the form of victory in NPA case which he has won in CAT in 1990. Till that time the NPA was not accorded to the Vets who were not called Veterinary Officers for any technical reasons. Although he won the case for himself but citing the judgment all the affected Vets were given the NPA.

Buoyed by the success he started his fight for the Dynamic Assured Career Progression (DACP) in 2002. Various Veterinary also had appealed to the central administrative tribunal (CAT) for the application of DACP to veterinary officers. CAT rejected the application of veterinarians on the grounds that central pay commission recommended DACP only for medical and dental doctors. A review application was also filed in CAT which was also dismissed by the tribunal.

Dr. Chandra Shekhar Sahukar challenged the orders of the administrative tribunal (CAT) in the high court of Delhi.The high court of Delhi in its judgment given on 14 October 2014 issued the directions to the central government to ensure that DACP is granted to the veterinary officers on the basis of central pay commission’s recommendations.

The central government filed a special leave petition in Supreme Court of India against the above judgment and order of Delhi high court.On 30 January 2017, the supreme court of India dismissed the special leave petition. This paved the way for DACP for veterinary officers working in central government services. Now Vets can also demand the same retirement age for Vets as accorded to the Doctors of Central Government which is 65 years.

Dr. Sahukar struggle was initially a lone man struggle but later on, it took the form of a movement and various Veterinary associations pitched in.

While speaking to Pashu Sandesh, the pain of Dr. Sahukar was evident. He says that he was discouraged on various occasions by the powerfuls of the Department itself, the result of which was bad confidential reports. He is also not happy with the role played by Veterinary Council of India (VCI) which according to him has the mandate and responsibility of looking after the welfare of Vets.

But these things don’t matter for Dr. Sahukar who has a will of steel and resolve of a man possessed with the mission to set things right for the Veterinary community. All the best Dr. C S Sahukar, from team Pashu Sandesh. Keep up the good work.