It’s Holy Cow for Mamata Banerjee before Panchayat elections in West Bengal

Pashu Sandesh, 17 November 2017

As the panchayat polls are nearing in West Bengal in 2018, fearing the march of saffron brigade in the state, CM Mamata Banerjee has decided to distribute cows to the families living in the rural areas. Cow distribution program is scheduled to start from the Birbhum district of West Bengal where each poor family would be given one female calf.

Animal Resources Development Minister Swapan Debnath said that the process of distribution of cows will be completed in two months. Initially, 1000 cows will be distributed in the first phase. On the question of this being a politically motivated move, Swapan Debnath denied the allegation and said that this move is aimed at making the state a milk sufficient state. It is worth noting that West Bengal is still a milk-deficient state despite the 16% increase in milk production since the last regime as claimed by the present government.

Opposition in West Bengal is seeing this move as politically motivated in the form of appeasement to the majority Hindu community. Mamata Banerjee is long been criticized as the sympathizer of minority Muslims who forms a solid vote bank for the Trinamul Congress.  Incidentally, Mamata has always been seen at the forefront of opposing any ban on the cow slaughter and the beef ban. Hopefully, this scheme of the Cow distribution should stick to the theme of Milk sufficiency for West Bengal only and cows will remain in the houses and will not end up in slaughterhouses.