Separate Cadre for Vets in the Wildlife Sector

Pashu Sandesh, 16 October 2021

In the recently concluded two days National Conference for zoo directors and veterinarians held in Kevadia (Gujarat), Additional director general (wildlife)  MoEF&CC Soumitra  Dasgupta hinted at the formation of a new cadre for Vets in the Wildlife sector under the Ministry of Environment and Forest GOI. This news has brought a wisp of fresh air to the Vets working in the Wildlife sanctuaries and zoos.  

The formation of this new cadre is akin to the Remount and Veterinary Corps (RVC) in the Indian Armed Forces which allows a Vet to have a steady career growth road map attracting many Vets to join the Forces. The Vets currently working in the Wild Life sector and Zoos are posted on a deputation basis from the respective states Animal Husbandry Departments and are left with no career growth in comparison to their counterparts in the State Animal Husbandry Departments.

This decision to start a new cadre in the Wildlife sector would encourage many Vets to join and explore Wildlife as a passion on a satisfactory trajectory in the course of their exciting careers.