Pashu Sandesh, 9th August 2018

Dr. Brijesh Nanda, Dr. Sandeep Marodia, Dr. Surjeet Singh, Dr. Diksha Dhanwani

It is the use of technologies to measure physiological, behavioral and production indicators on inpidual animals to improve management strategies and improvement of farm.


Maximizing inpidual animal potential.

Early detection of disease.

Minimizing the use of medication.

Technologies used in dairy farming:-

RFID Technology.

Modern Sensor technology.

Automatic Milking System

Mastitis detection tool.

Automatic estrous detection monitor.


Automatic feeding machine.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology:- Apply ear tags or bolus in animal. RFID identification codes are used to track inpidual animals using datamars portable reader than transfer the data into the system.                                             

Modern Sensor Technology: - These sensors are pided into two types.

Invasive sensor (External sensors):- These are the sensors which may be immobile sensors located in the barn or mobile sensor boxes attached to the cows.

Non- invasive sensors (Internal sensors):- These are the sensor Boxes Swallowed or Implanted in the animals. Ex.:- PH meter and In-build thermometer.

Automatic Milking System: - In this system detailed data is recorded by the machine which can be accessed remotely by computer or mobile device so farmers can check the health and performance of their herd from a distance. Labor on the AMS is 29 percent less than other methods.  A Study in Spain reported production of 1537 kg milk from 53 cows producing 29 kg milk / day.

Mastitis Detection Tools: - This is a very exciting precision dairy farming technology. These tools may prevent the infection of udder from becoming chronic and reduce the losses associated with mastitis. Eq.:- Milk Checker and Somatic cell count machine.

Automatic Oestrus Detection Machine: - These are the instruments used to detect heat symptoms and helpful in breeding management. The success of oestrus detection not only increase conception rate but also raises milk production for the herd. Eq.:- Wireless Intravaginal Temperature Sensors and Pedometer (Pedometer readings for estrous detection and as predictor for time of ovulation in dairy cattle).

Methane Detection Machine: - The equipment used is Laser Methane Detectors (LMD) measures methane (CH4) and also monitor impacts of farm changes on greenhouse gas emissions.

Transponders: - These are the tags which contains information that identifies each animal’s physiological condition, health status as well as the amount of feed requires.

Automatic feeders (ATM):- Automatic feeders are used to eliminate the extra time spent mixing and feeding the animal. It works on the principle of body condition score and milking performance of cow.

Conclusion: - This is a new era in dairy management, in those exciting technologies available and in development and there are new ways of monitoring and improving animal health, well-being, and reproduction. These analytic tools will be a source of competitive advantage and Economics and people factors will determine their adoption and success.

Dr. Brijesh Nanda*, Dr. Sandeep Marodia, Dr. Surjeet Singh, Dr. Diksha Dhanwani

Apollo College of Veterinary Medicine, Jaipur

 Corresponding Author: Dr. Brijesh Nanda