Veterinarian’s daughter making the community proud

Pashu Sandesh, 23 Feb 2020

How often does one see a child taking up the parents' profession and make the whole community proud? As of now most of the children do not even want to take up the profession their parents are into. We are talking about a Vet’s daughter who although had chosen a different career but ultimately returned to the business designed out of the Poultry.

On 14th February the Indian Poultry Awards 2020 were announced and the Mommy’s Chicken Brand from Bhopal, run by Ms Meghal Singh was awarded the Best Upcoming Poultry Brand award. Ms Meghal is the daughter of Dr Mahendra Singh, a Vet by profession and a Poultry entrepreneur based in Bhopal. 

Ms Meghal has done her Engineering degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Finance. After pursuing a career in Banking she decided to quit and start her own business. From there came the idea of Mommy’s Chicken which delivers Hygienically processed, packed, cut and marinated chicken to over 1000 retail customers and High-end Hotels in Bhopal. People vouch for the quality of the marinated chicken which is ready to cook and saves lots of time and effort, especially for the working Moms. 

Within two years of its establishment, Mommy’s Chicken has created a niche in the food-loving platters of the Bhopalis. It is heartwarming that a Vet’s daughter has chosen career from the Poultry and has shown the path to the young entrepreneurs to think and come out with a business idea from the Animal Husbandry which could be beneficial to the Farmers and the business as well. 

Pashu Sandesh congratulates Ms Meghal Singh for a successful and motivating career.