Periodic Revision of curriculum necessary for course development-Prof Sarial

Pashu Sandesh, 14th November 2018

A two-day "Broad subject matter area (BSMA) meeting of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) on veterinary para-clinical subjects” at CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University Palampur was held on 12th November. The meeting was inaugurated by Prof Ashok Kumar Sarial, the Vice-Chancellor of the HP Agricultural University. 

Professor Sarial in his address said that the revision of syllabus for courses and development of academic regulations was an important activity, which needed attention of policy makers for the development of various academic programmes. Similarly, for the uniformity in masters’ and doctoral programmes, defining names and curricula was essential. He also said that, a wholesome approach was necessary without neglecting traditional approach, while incorporating modern technology and students should be involved in clinics to gain more practical knowledge and become better observers.

Dr P D’souza, Chairman BSMA committee highlighted the VCI regulations and said that the as per the Veterinary Council of India and ICAR regulations, after every 10 years there was a revision of academic regulations and syllabus for postgraduate education in the areas of veterinary and animal science for uniformity and needs of the times. 

Dean College of Veterinary Sciences (COVAS) Dr GC Negi and Dean Post graduate studies Dr RK Agnihotri were also present during the meeting.