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Pashu Sandesh  is a sector specific on line news / information portal dedicated to animals and peoples concerned with animal world.

Vision- To provide a one stop news resource & information portal about the animal world.

Mission- We are committed to our readers, our mission is to bring latest news and informations needed by our readers backed with best practices in journalism.

Objective : The main objective of our existence is to bring a change in quality of life of animals and the people concerned, through delivery of all such information, required for their well being.

What we offer 

We provide our readers the latest news and information from the animal world. Apart from the everyday news, we also have a basket of programmes. Currently our information is offered in 12 broad Categories -

  1. Current News
  2. Big issues
  3. Dairy News
  4. Poultry News
  5. Wild life News
  6.  ICAR News
  7. Campus News
  8. Animal welfare
  9. Pet care
  10. Employment
  11. Interview
  12. Information to farmers (kisan cafe)

Apart from this we offer Regular Features, Fact Boxes, Analysis, Corporate Wire, New Products,  Classified.       

 Contact Us

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  3. For complaints regarding policy, specific content, Advertisement, Marketing: managingeditorpashusandesh@gmail.com 
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