406 Mobile Veterinary Units to serve in Madhya Pradesh

Pashu Sandesh, 22 April 2022

Animal Husbandry and Dairy Minister in MP Government Prem Singh Patel informed that 406 mobile veterinary units have been approved by the Central Government for 4 crores 6 lakh livestock of the state. A new component of the Mobile Veterinary Unit has been included by the Government of India in the scheme for the establishment and strengthening of Central Veterinary Hospitals and Dispensaries. Under the scheme, one mobile veterinary unit will be operated for every one lakh livestock.

Minister Shri Patel informed that the vehicle of the mobile veterinary unit will be fully equipped with modern equipment and staff. The vehicle will have a veterinary, a para vet and a vehicle driver-cum-assistant. Apart from this, necessary equipment related to veterinary, minor surgery, artificial insemination, and disease investigation will be installed in the vehicle. Projectors, speakers etc. will also be installed for publicity.

A provision of Rs. 18 lakh 72 thousand per mobile veterinary unit has been made per year for the necessary human resources, medicines, POL for the vehicle and maintenance etc. It will have 60 per cent central share and 40 per cent state share. A provision of Rs. 16 lakh has also been made for vehicles, vehicle furnishings, equipment required for veterinary treatment, publicity equipment and fabrication. This amount is 100 per cent Centre share based.

A call centre will also be set up for the mobile veterinary unit. A call operator and veterinary doctor will be appointed in the call centre. A provision of 60 per cent Central share and 40 per cent state share has been made for the centre.