Vets are soft targets, once again proven by Palampur incidence

Pashu Sandesh, 06 October 2019

Vets have always been soft targets in whatever departments they have been providing their services. This has once again proven when a Lady Assistant Professor at the Palampur Agriculture University was recently terminated on the disciplinary grounds by the Administration. The only so-called “ crime” of the Lady Assistant Professor was the inability to take charge of the Warden of the Girl’s Hostel of the Agriculture University.

Dr Divya Gupta was working as Assistant Professor in the Anatomy Department, College of Veterinary Sciences since June 2017 on a contract basis. This year her contract was terminated on 01 October citing the clause of the contract which has the provision of termination in case of any disciplinary action against the appointee. Inability to take charge of Warden of Girls hostel has been viewed very seriously by the University. The matter was brought before the Vice-Chancellor of the University Dr A K Sariyal who too concurred with the conclusion of the University Administration. 

Dr Gupta in her explanation for not accepting the charge of the Warden Girls hostel had cited the personal reasons as she has a small daughter to look after and her husband is posted in a different city. 

University Senate and Teachers welfare association of the Palampur University has extended full support to Dr Divya Gupta and called the Termination as harsh and unlawful. The university unit of ABVP has given an ultimatum to the University Administration to reconsider the decision which could otherwise lead to a stir by the ABVP. 

Indian Veterinary Association (IVA) has also taken cognisance of the issue. In a letter addressed to the VC, President IVA Dr Chirantan Kadian has demanded the revocation of the termination order. He even called it an attack on the Prime Minister’s vision of “ Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”. 

Himachal Pradesh Veterinary Officers Association (HPVOA) has also written a letter to the VC in support of Dr Divya Gupta. Dr Arun Sirkeck President HPVA, called termination of Dr Gupta on the flimsy ground as unlawful and injustice towards a Lady Officer who is on a contractual appointment and vulnerable. Dr Sirkeck even called this “Demoralising” for the Vet Fraternity. 

Dr Madhur Gupta General Secretary HPVOA, while calling the termination order unjustified also highlighted the fact that the appointment of Dr Divya was primarily for the teaching and research work and for that she was getting excellent remarks from HOD Anatomy for which her contract was regularly renewed since last two years.

Pashu Sandesh view: Pashu Sandesh as a responsible media for raising the problems of the Vets on the National Forums, fully support Dr Divya Gupta. As such Vets are suffering for the lack of opportunities due to apathy of State Governments in creating new jobs and often encouraging contractual positions in the Universities which give them unprecedented control over the faculty by creating fear of Job loss on the grounds as flimsy as in the case of Dr Divya Gupta. Pashu Sandesh fully opposes the culture of “ Contractualism” and demand justice for Dr Divya Gupta.