Pashu Sandesh, 16th July 2020

Dr V. Rajendra Prasad

Poultry producers should consider a disease prevention programme to be complete with a comprehensive plan for 

a) cleaning and disinfection, 

b) which would be adequate with  a rigid set of principles, 

c) and good husbandry and management practices.

No amount of drugs, antibiotics or vaccines will permanently solve disease problems on a farm, or in a hatchery if disinfection and sanitation is a secondary consideration. The aim of sanitation and disinfection is to reduce or kill microbial populations which present a threat to the health of flocks.

Cleaning and disinfection involve the physical and chemical removal of contaminating debris, and the reduction or elimination of pathogenic organisms in or on materials, so that these no longer present a health hazard. The presence of organic material in the poultry house reduces the efficacy of any disinfectant.

Poultry production units should always be completely cleaned and disinfected after the departure of each flock from the premises, and before the arrival of the next batch. Prepare the house. Remove the previous flock, litter and manure. Allow downtime for at least 15 days. Sanitize drinking water system. Sweep the house and thoroughly dry clean. 

After final disinfection, give the house downtime at least 15 days. Disinfection of the house or pen and equipment: involves the thorough application of broad-spectrum disinfectants. Give proper contact time.

Vulkan-S of Huvepharma can be used, which is broad-spectrum disinfectant and Bactericide, Virucide & Fungicide and spray at the dose of  10 gms for a litre of water on empty buildings. Please spray 30 to 40 ml per sq. ft of the solution to clean.

Disinfection in the presence of birds, please use Vulkan-S at the dose of 5 gm for 1 litre of water and spray the solution in the air above 1 meter above birds. Please spray 5ml to 8 ml per sq.ft of the solution. Fumigating, misting or fogging: This is final biosecurity measure. 

Use safer chemicals, applied with thermal fogging machines or as a fine mist or spray. Use Vulkan-S at the dose of 10 gms in 1 litre of water for Thermal fogging as terminal disinfection and use 3 ml per cubic. ft. Seal the house for 24 hours after fumigation and ventilate for entry.