Victory for UP Vets as Government agrees to table NPA proposal within one month in the cabinet meet

Pashu Sandesh, 04 October 2017

In an apparent victory for the ongoing struggle for NPA and Dynamic ACP by the Vets, the government of Uttar Pradesh agrees to table NPA proposal within one month in the Cabinet meeting. In a high-level meeting between office-bearers of the UP Vet Association and the UP animal husbandry minister on 3rd October, an agreement was reached. Following the agreement UP, Vet Association has decided to suspend the ongoing agitation and resume normal work including FMD CP. It was also agreed that no pay deduction or disciplinary action would be taken against the striking doctors by the Animal Husbandry department. UP vets were on strike since 26th September and were getting huge support from all across the veterinary doctor's unions of the country.

UP Vet Association apart from 25% of salary as NPA and DACP is also demanding pay parity as applicable to the Medical officers of the state as per the recommendations of the 5th 6th and 7th pay commission. The government has given the assurance that the demand of the NPA would be tabled within one month at the Cabinet meet and the demand for pay parity would send to pay committee for consideration. UP Vet Association President Dr. Sudhir Kumar and General Secretary Dr. Anil Kumar have expressed their gratitude towards the UP Government for the positive response. National Veterinary Association (NVA) President Dr. Chirantan Kadiyan has termed this victory as monumental and expressed hope that Vet Associations from other states would take the clue from this movement and stand for their outstanding demands.

Pashu Sandesh congratulates UP Vet Association for the successful outcome of their struggle and also extends a word of praise for the NVA for their exemplary support for the movement.