Lumpy over in Punjab

Pashu Sandesh, Bhopal  October 21, 2022 

Though not formally declared, it seems that the outbreak of Lumpy Skin disease (LSD) is over in Punjab. During a review meeting on LSD held in Chandigarh on October 18, 2022, Animal Husbandry department officials apprised the Group of Ministers (GoM), that no fresh cases of Lumpy Skin disease were reported in the state in the near past, so the ban on cattle fairs and interstate cattle movement could be revoked.

 After reviewing the prevailing situation, the GoM approved holding cattle fairs and interstate cattle movement on the condition that the cattle involved in such activities should be vaccinated and the traders or the farmers should carry the vaccination certificate for the same with them. The GoM asked the Animal Husbandry department to issue fresh guidelines regarding lumpy skin disease besides issuing separate safety guidelines for interstate cattle movement and organising cattle fairs in the state.  The Group of Ministers (GoM), also revoked a ban on all the semen production stations except the cattle semen unit of Nabha semen station where the semen sample tested positive for LSD. 

Vikas Pratap, Principal Secretary, Animal Husbandry apprised the GoM that the department has made efforts to convince the Union government for including LSD in the National Animal Disease Control Programme so that the vaccination against this disease could be availed free on the lines of diseases like Foot & Mouth and Brucellosis etc.