A sight that pained PM Modi at Pashu Arogya Mela

Pashu Sandesh, 13th Sep 2019

While commenting on the dangers of the single-use plastic, PM said that the most painful sight for him at the Arogya Mela was to see the amount of Polythene bags being removed from the stomach of the Cows who inadvertently eat it while looking for the food.

PM was in Mathura on Wednesday 11th Sep, where he launched the National Animal Disease Control Program (NADCP), a large program to cover the entire Livestock of the Nation under FMD Vaccination. He also inaugurated Pashu Arogya Mela and also launched the launched 'Swachata Hi Sewa' campaign, aimed at getting rid of single-use plastic from the country. 

He also said that "we all know how plastic is causing animal deaths. Similarly, it becomes difficult for the animals living in rivers, lakes, ponds to survive after swallowing the plastic of the fish there. So now we have to get rid of the single-use plastic, a plastic that we throw once using it. We have to try and make our homes, our offices, our workplaces free of single-use plastic by 2 October this year which also marked the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi". 

PM appealed to all the Self Help Groups, Civil Society, NGOs, and Women & Youth Organisations, every college, every school, every Government and Private Organisation, every citizen to join in this campaign against Single-Use Plastic. 

Each year thousands of stray cattle die from eating polythene along with waste food which blocks their intestines causing obstruction. With no one to feed, these abandoned animals are on a perpetual lookout for the food and end up scourging dustbins and dump yards. Very few sick animals reach the Veterinary Hospitals and most of them are left to die in the open with swollen abdomens. Veterinarians on their part in the fight against plastic can provide support and care to these dying animals as well as spread awareness regarding the dangers of single-use plastic in the Animals.