Preeti from Preeti for Animals NGO to be awarded on 15 Aug

Pashu Sandesh, 15 Aug 2022

Dr R B Chaudhary

Faridabad-based Animal Welfare Organization/NGO - PfA-Preeti for Animals is facing an acute shortage of funds to feed the rescued sick, injured, crippled and old animals that have been left out and abandoned on the road. The PFA-Preeti For Animals, Faridabad headed by Ms Preeti Dubey appealed to the people to support her animal care mission so that the life of helpless animals could be saved. Any donor who wanted to support the organization has to click the site: OR a message to be forward on - 88510 93969 (Whatsapp). For her outstanding services, she will be awarded on the occasion of 75th Independence Day as the Hero of the Indian Animal Welfare Movement.

Do not be surprise that PfA(Preeti for Animals) was set up in the year 2013 by an IAS Aspirant, the young girl, Ms Priti Dubey when she was planning to appear in the final examination of Civil Services but, an incident changed the aim and she dropped the idea to be an IAS Officer, she has decided to be an Animal Welfare Activist. Indeed, the tragedy that happened was that a female puppy died in the middle of the road and her mother was roaming around the dead body to get help. As soon as she saw the suffering of the female dog, rescued and determined to establish a shelter for the animals to treat animals and save their life. Thus, she dropped the idea to appear for Civil Services (main) and started a new journey of life in the field of animal welfare. Thus, the animal welfare organization PfA- Preeti for Animals, Faridabad, Haryana born in the year 2013. Her shelter has credit to save more than 10,000 animals so with the help of an old ambulance, was donated under the MPLAD programme and succeeded with help of a small team of employees and volunteers.

Due to the paucity of the fund and facilities, her organization is unable to run day to day rescue programs and animal health care and management activities of the shelter in a proper way. Therefore, the lifesaving activities of the field animals, seeking assistance from her organization is nearby of binding and halted. The organization seek funds and facilities to continue the day-to-day activities and save the life of field animals struggling for death and life. The shelter situation is very pathetic, staff are now working without salary/honorarium. Due to lack of funds, all the ongoing programs are under serious problems for survival. Many regular programs like daily feeding work and on-spot treatment have been affected and therefore, the promotional activities of the organization have been almost shutting down. The PFA- Preeti for Animals, Faridabad, Haryana request your kind possible support, corporation and association to move forward smoothly.

Important initiatives/ programs of the PFA, Faridabad, Haryana is rescue of the animals-seeking immediate Health Care facility to save their life and the cases like accidental animals laying on the road, animals sick and diseased-have been abandoned by owners, animals saved from illegal transportation, animals taken for illegal slaughter, emergency cases suffering from peculiar problems, crippled and handicapped-those are unable to live a normal life and other lifesaving activities are being carried out. Organizations is also deeply involved with an ambitious projects like Animal Birth Control/ Anti Rabies-ABC/AR programs for controlling and management of the dog/ canine population in the city zone and suburb. This program has been guided by the Animal Welfare Board of India-AWBI, Government of India and encouraged by Faridabad Municipal Corporation (FMC). The organization has well-developed animal hospital for the lifesaving update animals in the field and shelter.

The shelter has a 550 square meter area and the kennels, goshala, clinic cum hospital, kitchen, store room, prayer room and temple, lawn, isolation centre, and post and pre-operative care rooms for the animal birth control/anti-rabies vaccination work. Currently, the organization has 9 staff including Doctor (Experienced Veterinarian) and Manager etc. The organisation has begun the ambulance Service to rescuing the animals in Faridabad and Suburb in the year 2016 and then onwards is continued. It is a matter of pride that the PFA, Faridabad filed 26 cruelty cases like kicking, beating, hitting, killing, overloading, abandoning, burning etc. Currently, 11 cases are going on in court relating to brutal killing and torture in the public.

Among the most popular and successful programs of the organization is the full Bowl Project( Stray Dog & Cat Feeding Program), Dog Feeders Point Project- Ayesha Jhulka Model, Anti-rabies Vaccination Program etc. As a special drive for dog population control and management, an anti-rabies vaccination program was handled successfully in Faridabad, Haryana and more than 11,000 anti-rabies vaccines have been vaccinated so for (2018-2021). The campaign has been appreciated by various Residents Association for Welfare (RAW), local administration and AWBI for the dedicated service in a different areas of Faridabad City and the organization received several honours and awards for its outstanding services. But, due to lack of funds and funding, various important programs as health care and feeding have been disturbed, and need public support.

PfA, Faridabad organize regular events to create awareness and educate the people like Animal Adaptation Day, World for Animals, World Rabies Day, Animal Welfare Fortnight, and World Vegetarian Day Launched. Running educational and awareness programs creating awareness in the public to create kindness and compassion for animals among the public.