After Rajasthan, Cow Welfare Ministry announced in MP

Pashu Sandesh, 01 st October 2018

After Rajasthan now its turn of Madhya Pradesh to have a full fledged Cow Welfare Ministry in the state. Announcement to this effect was made by the MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan in a function organised at Kahjraho in the presence of Digambar Jain seer Vidyasagarji. 

"I have reason to believe that the Cow Protection Board in the state should be turned into a full-fledged ministry," CM said. Chouhan also said that, “The cow ministry will replace the existing Madhya Pradesh Gaupalan Evam Pashudhan Samvardhan Board because it has limitations,"adding that an independent ministry can help serve cows in a much better way.

The announcement has come at the time when the State is going in for the assembly elections later this year. How much advantage this announcement the party will get is remain to be seen. But it is a certain fact that heightened  pitch for the Cow protectionism also lead to increased number of cow protection vigilantism cases. 

Rajasthan was the first state to announce a full fledged ministry for the cow welfare. But the pathetic state of cows and cow shelters remains the same. Also number of stray cattle on the streets have also increased. AWBI on its part has also kept protection of Cows to its core agenda while taking care of other animal related issues.

Whatever may be the intention unless and until things are not managed in a scientific manner with the involvement of all the stakeholders, such announcements and ministries will remain a subject of rhetoric only.