No slaughterhouse permission in Uttarakhand: CM Rawat

Pashu Sandesh, 11th August 2018

Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat has said that no new slaughterhouse permission would be given in the Uttarakhand. He said this in an official function. He also said that all the existing licenses for the slaughterhouses will be cancelled too. Following this order the District Magistrate of Manglore is been directed to cancel the permission of an under construction slaughterhouse with immediate effect.

CM Rawat implied the rein of earlier Congress government in the state responsible for the permissions of the slaughterhouses in the state. It is worth noting that for the past few days the few MLAs from the ruling BJP government were vehemently voicing concerns over the permissions of the slaughterhouses given by their own government. CM Rawat was under immense pressure under the mounting criticism.

CM Rawat has said that the Uttarakhand is a “Dev Bhoomi” and slaughterhouses are against the very essence of that, hence the closures are mandatory. He also said that for the protection of the cows, squads have been constituted in Dehradun, Haridwar and Udhamsingh towns to check on the illegal smuggling of the cows. Rawat also informed that, Government is trying to establish shelters for the roaming cattle by the 2021 Mahakumbh.

Earlier in the day the Livestock Development Board of Uttarakhand signed an MOU with the IGNURAN sexed semen sorting company. The company would set a Lab in the State which will produce 2lakh doses of sorted semen in the first year and 3lakh doses in the subsequent years.

This 47crore 50lakh Rupees project is part of the Central Government’s “National Mission on Bovine Productivity” plan of which contribution of the state would be 10%.CM also unveiled the “Surabhi Kaamdhuk” book by the Animal Husbandry department and  felicitated the progressive Farmers present on this occasion.