Government decides to conduct VCI elections through e-voting

Pashu Sandesh, 04 November 2019

It seems with the formation of a separate Ministry for Animal Husbandry has finally started to bear fruits as the Government has decided to conduct long pending elections of the Veterinary Council of India ( VCI). 

VCI is established under the Indian Veterinary Council Act 1984 and consist of 27 Members of which 16 members are nominated and 11 members are elected. The Department of Animal Husbandry conducts the elections to 11 members amongst the Registered Veterinary Practitioners of the Country as per the VCI Rule 1985 of the VCI Act.

As part of the preparation to conduct the free and fair elections, the Government has decided to conduct the elections online through e-Voting system. This e-Voting will be conducted through a system specifically designed for the purpose which needs updated data of the mobile numbers and email ids of the Registered Veterinary Practitioners. 

In this regard Government has written a letter to the Principal Secretary, Secretary, Commissioners of the Animal Husbandry Departments of all states and UTs to direct the respective Officials/ State Veterinary Councils to make available the mobile number and email ids of the practitioners registered in the respective State Veterinary Council to the VCI for conducting the Elections as soon as possible for the 11 elected members. 

This move by the Department of AH, GOI is worth appreciation and cooperation from respective stakeholders.  Conducting e voting is in tune with PM Modi government commitment toward Digital India.Only a strong VCI with good representation from all across the country could ensure hearing of the muted voices of the Vets across corridors of the power.