Pashu Sandesh, 28th July 2020

Indian Veterinary Association - Kerala wins the prestigious international level World Veterinary Day Award for the year 2020, instituted by World Veterinary Association (WVA) for the best association in embodying the theme of World Veterinary Day celebrations. The competition was open for the member associations of WVA, and the selection was made evaluating the activities organised as a part of the World Veterinary day Celebration - 2020. The award includes a Citation, Prize money of USD 2500 (Around 2 lakh Indian Rupees) and a memento.

World Veterinary Association is the apex organisation of veterinary associations of the world, with member organisations from around 90 countries.  The awards during previous years were bagged by the renowned veterinary organisations of USA, France, South Africa, Uganda etc. IVA Kerala has become the first Asian Organization to win the title, and also the first association working within the jurisdiction of a state.

Established in the year 1978, IVA Kerala recognised as a constituent member of the World Veterinary Association during 2016. IVA Kerala is a unique state veterinary association in the country having a scientific journal, the official magazine, mobile App and regularly organising various prestigious events like Kerala Veterinary Science Congress, in its own capacity. 

Environmental Protection through the improvement of Animal and Human Health ' was the theme for the World Veterinary Day 2020 celebration. IVA Kerala had arranged a wide array of programmes including various competitions for students and the public, webinars, publications, social media campaigns, study classes etc as a part of the celebration. The state-level programme was coordinated by the IVA Mannuthy College Unit.  The Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Animal Husbandry Department, Kerala and the Kerala State Veterinary Council had been in close association with the organisation activities throughout.

The award ceremony which was supposed to be held at Taiwan during the World Veterinary Association Congress has been postponed due to COVID 19 and the same shall be distributed at another glorious event.

Dr K.K. Thomas, State President, and Dr Muhammad Aslam M.K., General Secretary, IVA Kerala acknowledged its members, district office bearers and the various institutions which were instrumental in materialising the dream title. The office-bearers also reminded that the Association shall be ever committed towards the upliftment of the veterinary profession and the animal population of the country.