Uttarakhand sets an example by providing the sexed semen @Rs 100 per dose

Pashu Sandesh, 30th July 2020

In Uttarakhand, the government will provide sexed semen of indigenous breed to farmers at a very concessional rate of Rs100 per straw. This information is given by the secretary of Animal Husbandry Department, Dr R Meenakshi Sundram in a press conference at Deharadun.

Dr Sundram informed the media that the second phase of the National Artificial Insemination Program (NAIP) in the state will start from 1stof August and continue till 31st May 2021. During this period department targets to inseminate 4.85 lakh cattle in the whole state. He informed that during this period the sex-sorted semen straw of indigenous breed cow and buffalo whose actual cost is Rs 1150 but will we provided at a concessional rate of Rs 100 to the farmers.

Here it is to be informed that Uttarakhand Livestock Development Board(ULDB) operated sex semen sorting lab is the first semen sorting lab established under the Rashtriya Gokul Mission(RGM) as a Central Government sponsored scheme. ULDB Signed an MOU with the Sexing Technologies(ST) company of USA in September 2018 and started commercial production in record time in Feb 2019.