Why Vets left behind in the COVID vaccine drive ??

Pashu Sandesh, 25 Feb 2021

COVID 19 pandemic which started a year and a half back has left the world in chaos, fear and pain with huge economic losses. India too has witnessed the same but thanks to some grit and determination shown by the Government and the People has managed to somehow keep its head above the murky waters. To some extent, it is a success story and praises were heaped from the WHO and likes.

To prepare this song of success is the role of frontline Corona warriors which included Doctors, paramedics, police and administration. The nation witnessed smooth logistics thanks to some untiring efforts such as maintenance of Milk supply lines which never saw a break during these tiring times. The silent workers working away from all the limelight were the Veterinary Doctors who ensured that the Animal Husbandry never suffers a set back from the lack of Veterinary services. When people were lurking in their homes following lockdown, these silent warriors were providing comfort to the sick and needy animals often at the peril of contacting the Corona themselves.

Now the COVID vaccine has provided some hope against the pandemic and the Government has decided to inoculate the frontline COVID warriors to safeguard their health. In the list of Corona, warriors are Healthcare workers, Police personnel and even the administrative staff who have already received the first dose and waiting for the second. But in the list sadly missing are the Veterinary Doctors whom Government don't consider as the frontline warriors worthy of receiving the free COVID vaccine doses. Such response from the Government has created much dismay among Vets and they are again made to think of the step-motherly treatment even though the Animal Husbandry Minister of Central government is a Vet himself. 

This once again has brought to the fore the committed role to be played by the Veterinary Associations and the Animal Husbandry Department as such to instil the confidence in the Vets as being the part of the overall health ecosystem of the country which not only includes Humans but the Animals too and their not so glamorised caretakers, the Vets.