Regional Meeting held for Rescue, Care and Management of Flood Affected Animals

Pashu Sandesh, 03rd September 2018

A regional meeting was organized for the rescue, treatment and rehabilitation of the disaster affected animals under coordination of State in charge of Tripura and Uttar Pradesh. Addressing the animal lovers meet   the world famous Kamakshi   Shaktipeeth priest, Swami Kapal Nath and Jai Prakash saxena in-charge of the UP State requested the representatives of Animal Welfare Organizations and animal lovers in Moradabad city of UP State. 

Several leading animal lovers and environmentalists of the region were present in this meeting. The meeting was mainly discussed about the veterinary care, feed -fodder arrangement and rehabilitation of the animals affected by the flood disaster i various State. In view of the animal rescue and health care arrangement, Jayaprakash Saxena, State In charge of the Animal Welfare Board of India said that "No help is available for the helpless and suffering animals and consequently, almost flood affected animals are dying. In both the States in charge agreed to make a program to treat, rescue and rehabilitation the animals in effected States by providing life saving measures.

Swami Kapal Nath, in-charge of Tripura said that all the concerned officials in all the districts are being directed and animal welfare activities will be stated soon.

He said that all efforts have been made for control of situation. In the meeting, President of Paryaawran Bharti Society, Anuj Gupta, Subhash , Deepak Varshay , Kapil Gupta and Pradeep Chandra of Bhagwati Gausha were also present .