Faridabad Vets boycotting 20th Animal Census

Pashu Sandesh, 25 January 2019

Veterinary Surgeons and Para Vets of Faridabad District of Haryana have Boycotted the ongoing 20th Animal Census till their demands are not addressed. The reason cited by the Vets is the complicated nature of the Data collection which is to be collected digitally using Central Government app and the Haryana Government app. According to Vets the Haryana app is a complicated one and time consuming which is making it very difficult for the Vets to collect the data.

It is worth noting that this year as part of Digital India campaign, it was decided to collect the data digitally in the 20th Animal Census. For the mission the Vets were issued tablets with preloaded App for data entry. Vets are also required to tag the Animals during the data collection. 

Faridabad Vets are finding the data collection and tagging of the animals. The Diploma Veterinary Association, Faridabad Head Rajbel Deshwal described the whole exercise a futile one as the Vets are not well versed with the software. As per the requirement of data collection the Photo of Animal owner, photo of animal and Adhaar card need to be uploaded in the software and in the absence of proper training the Vets are finding it difficult to sustain the momentum. The workload for each Vet and Para vet is also too much as per the Association statement.

Vets have communicated their concern to the Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Faridabad district. Vets are demanding the discontinuation of Haryana Government app and Animal Tagging, Training for the collection of Data and employment of more workers in the Data collection. Vets have warned that till their demands are not met they will continue to boycott the 20th Animal Census.