After Haldi Doodh Amul launches immunity-boosting Haldi Ice Cream

Pashu Sandesh, 01 August 2020

During COVID 19 the milk products market undergoing unprecedented changes as per consumer preference. “Immunity booster” has become a trending word in this scenario. With this emerging trend, many dairy companies are launching their milk products in the immunity booster category. After the launch of Haldi(Turmeric) Doodh, Tulsi Doodh, Adhrak(Jinger) Doodh, dairy giant  Amul recently launched its Haldi Ice Cream with immunity-boosting ingredients.

Apart from Haldi(Turmeric) Amuls Haldi Ice Cream contains Honey, Badam(Almond), Kaju(cashew) and Khajur(Dates) and Pepper. Amuls Haldi Ice Cream is launched in a pack of 125 ml with a price tag of Rs 40.

Before Amul, Dairy Day a Karnataka based Ice Cream brand also launched its immunity-boosting range of ice creams in June this year with two flavours Haldi and Chyawanprash with a price tag of Rs 20 for 60ml cup.