Now anyone can check the quality of his milk in Punjab

Pashu Sandesh, 26th May 2020

Now anyone can check the quality of the Milk he is getting in Punjab. In most probably a first of its kind move, Punjab Government on 23 May announced setting up of special Labs at District level to check the quality and adulteration of the Milk. Making the announcement, Minister of Animal Husbandry of Punjab, Rajinder Singh Bajwa expressed the hope that this move would instil a sense of security among the common consumer who is wary of the rampant availability of the adulterated milk in the market. Milk is a commodity which has got both emotional as well as health value as it is mostly consumed by children. Bajwa also hoped that this decision would also keep antisocial elements in check who are endangering the lives of people through adulterated milk. 

The testing of the milk would be done free of cost by taking at least 50ml raw sample of the milk to the nearest testing centre. A release in this regard by the Punjab Government says “ By testing milk in this way consumers can ensure that the price at which they buy milk pays back the full value of their money. At the same time, it can be ascertained whether we are providing pure or toxic milk to our children”.