Cow Tech Expo 2023

Cow-based Industry Fair "Cow Tech Expo 2023" will be Inaugurated to Achieve the Mission of "Make India" Under the Guidance of Our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi: Dr Vallabhbhai Kathiria

Pashu Sandesh, 23 May 2023 Rajkot (Gujarat):

Dr R B Chowdhary

The five-day cow-based fair "Cow Tech Expo 2023" being organized by Dr Vallabhbhai Kathiria, the first chairman of the Rashtriyl Kamdhenu Aayog, Government of India and his newly formed team of GCCI-Global Configuration of Cow Based Industries, will start from tomorrow. This event will be participated by Gaushala workers and other associated experts, technologists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors from across the country. Addressing to press and media, Dr Kathiria said that thousands of youths and women will be participating to know how a cow-based business could be started as a new venture of earning money by the sale of cow-based products like panchgav medicines, biopesticides, biofuels and other product relating to day to day use produced by milk, cow dung and urine. GCCI-Global Configuration of Cow-Based Industries organized this press conference to promote cow protection and establish cow-based industries in each and every place in the country.

Dr Kathiria explained why the name "Cow Tech" was given because Gau Mata is not only contributing nutritious food such as milk and ghee but also contributing to us as a dispensary, industry, livelihood and employment. All the products produced by cow has immense potential to develop technologies and industry. He said that this virtue is fulfiling all the desires and necessities of the day today's life. She keeps us happy, healthy and prosperous in ways where all the products are so cheap, accessible and environmentally friendly. This new dimension of the cow-based industry is opening new doors of business for rural India. The goal of this event is to follow the drive of our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji to Make India and support Startups This event has taken an emotional moment having all the possibilities of "Samriddh Bharat".

Dr Kathiria set that this event is unique in nature because the first time being organised to provide a business platform for cow-based products. This event is organised in the very known Course Ground of Rajkot city where the pandals are decorated with the names of cows to glow their virtues. Dr Kathiria stated many business avenues available with cow care and management. He said that more than 200 stalls are being set up in this event to explain the cow-based business like bio-pesticide, bio-fuel, panchgavya medicines etc. articles made from cow dung and urine, in which more than 250 domestic and public health-related products will be displayed. There will be demonstrated technology and innovation involved to produce cow-based products. The event will arrange a seminar which will be addressed by the experts, technology and scientist to inform, educate and sensitize them.

Dr Kathiria said thus, there would be a huge gathering of investors, bankers, volunteers, engineers, technologists, gaushala workers, and experts from the related fields and professions. And even, all associated people will be involved who can grow an intense business. All alternatives will be available to set up a cow-based industry without any problem. During this event, various schemes of the Central and State Governments will also be discussed. Various national experts, VIPs and personalities would share dear experiences from the inaugural session to the end of the program.

About Author: Dr R B Chowdhary is a member of the Press Coordination Committee, GCCI-Global Configuration of Cow Based Industries/ Former, Press and Media Head, of the Animal Welfare Board of India, Government of India)