This year celebrate Rakhi with Eco friendly cow dung rakhis

Pashu Sandesh, 09 August 2019

The festival of celebration of the inseparable bond of Brother and Sister, Rakhi is around the corner and a Goushala in Uttar Pradesh has given a new meaning to celebrating it through Eco-friendly Rakhis. 

The Shri Krishna Goushala in Bijnore district of Uttar Pradesh, housing over 117 cows is being run by Alka Lahoti a 52-year-old entrepreneur who was an NRI and left her job to help out her father in the management of Cow shelter. Alka a deeply religious person herself, took the initiative and started working on the Eco-Friendly Rakhis through cow dung cake. 

She overcame the initial challenges of producing a product which should not only look good enough to lock horns with the vibrant but cheap Chinese Rakhis but should be commercially viable too. 

After many failures, Alka finally succeeded in producing a product which is not only good looking but an Eco-friendly one too which would be turned into manure once disposed of. Alka has kept the price of these eco-friendly Rakhis at a very nominal one and planned to distribute the unsold Rakhis free of cost which could help to appraise the people of this novel concept. She has thus far received orders from Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha and Uttarakhand. Rakhis are also made available on Amazon India website.

Apart from producing eco-friendly Rakhis, the Shri Krishna Goushala is also producing cow dung slabs used during cremation, flower pots and floor cleaning solutions made from Goumutra and cow dung. Alka Lahoti is also associated with the Juna Akhara and her Eco-Friendly Rakhis were much appreciated at the recently concluded Kumbh at the Uttar Pradesh which prompted Alka to go in for the mass production of the Eco-friendly Cow dung Rakhis. Now its time for the Sisters to teach a lesson or two to their Brothers on the conservation of cows and nature though Eco-Friendly Rakhi.