Buoyed with PM Modi’s praise AMUL all set to launch camel milk this December

Pashu Sandesh, 08th October 2018

India’s leading Milk Cooperative brand AMUL is all set to launch Camel’s Milk this December . Foray of AMUL in the market with Camel’s milk was being planned for quite some time. It is coincidence that PM Modi while on a visit to Gujarat recently had praised the Camel Milk for its medicinal values and how this milk can play an important role in increasing the income of the farmers. 

AMUL will be setting up a 20000 litre Camel milk processing unit at Kutch Gujarat by this December and will launch the camel milk in 500 ml plastic pet bottle in Ahmadabad. As per AMUL Managing Director R S Sodhi, the main problem with the Camel’s milk is its strong odour which is one of the reasons for its limited acceptance. AMUL is trying to remove this odour through deodorisation process. As per Sodhi, this probably the first time in the country that the Camel milk  would be sold in a organised manner through its outlets. 

Currently AMUL is procuring milk from Sarhad Dairy Cooperative in Kutch for making Chocolates. As per the officials of the Sarhad Dairy the selling price of Camel milk is 50-55Rs per Litre in comparison to cow milk which is usually sold for 28 to 30 Rs. The Cooperative usually collect 1200 litres of Camel milk from the Maldhari camel rearing community of the Kutch on need basis for the Chocolate factory at Mogar. 

Camel Milk has lots of Medicinal properties and it is considered as immunity booster. The only problem with the milk is its strong smell and salty taste. The medicinal properties come from the wild vegetation which female camel eats while grazing.

On the contrary to AMUL's claim that they would be selling for the first time the processed camel milk in the country, "Camel Karisma" a company in Kubhalgarh Rajasthan is already selling processed Camel milk and milk products through online sale.