Young Veterinarian paving Path for International support for research in Indian Poultry

Pashu Sandesh, 8th August 2018

There is always been a dearth of quality research in the Poultry Science in Idian institutes according to the need of Poultry industry.The possible reasons could be paucity of facilities/funds/ poor utilization of funds and ill developed Research Organizations to take on the arduous task of conducting research trials under vast and varied Indian conditions. The result of which is the use and utilization of technical information based on the Data provided by the Western counterparts, which are obtained under their field and Lab conditions.

The outcome of such practice is increasing gap in between Indian institutes and Indian Poultry industry. It is also encouraging misuse of Pharmaceutical products and feed additives by conducting research trials without the involvement of Indian institutes.

All these problems were realized by a young Veterinarian Dr Sandeep Gupta who also has a Phd degree in Animal Nutrition. Dr Gupta is working in the field of Poultry Nutrition and is secretary of Livestock scientific Development Association (LSDA), had sent a proposal to the President of Poultry Science Association (PSA) on improvement in institutional research for benefits of Indian poultry industry in local environment.  Dr Valerie Carney, President of PSA appreciated the proposal and sent an invitation to Dr Gupta to meet in this PSA meeting on 27th July. LSDA is involved in improving institutional research for the benefit of Indian poultry industry in Indian condition.

Dr Sandeep Gupta attended Poultry Science Association (PSA) Annual meeting 2018, San Antonio, Texas (USA) which was held  in between 23rd to 26th July 2018. There at the annual meeting Dr. Valerie Carney assured to put all the points raised by Dr Gupta in the internal meeting of PSA and hoped that in future, PSA can also begin such kind of awareness program like LSDA in other developing countries too.

Dr. Gupta had in the past also presented his research paper in PSA annual meeting, 2016, New Orleans (USA) on Kadaknath birds and use of cysteine protease in poultry. He has also published Indian patent on use of cysteine protease in poultry Industry.

Pashu Sandesh congratulate Dr Sandeep Gupta for foreseeing and acting on the problem of lack of quality research in poultry industry. We also hope that other Veterenians would emulate Dr Sandeep and we can see a better research environment in our own country and our own repository of Local Data on the Pharmaceutical products.