Earn & Learn: 100 trainee vacancies for fresh Veterinary Graduates

Pashu Sandesh, 18th January 2018

100 Veterinarians required for the traineeship program of NSPDT (National Small Holder Poultry Developmental Trust www.nspdt.org) the organization to promote the world’s biggest community poultry movement to promote smallholder poultry cooperatives/ producer companies. The NSPDT present outreach is in the state of MP, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orissa& Assam covering 12000 small farmers under the umbrella of 22 cooperatives/ Producer companies & 3 state-level federations having present placement capacity of 45 lacs broiler birds & 60,000 Broiler breeders with cumulative 320 crore sales turnover in the financial year 2016-17.

By 2020 aim of NSPDT is to spread out to the state of Maharastra (Vidarbha) with 2000 farmers 10 lac capacity& Assam 2000 farmers 10 lacs capacity. With this outreach to accommodate 20,000 small farmers with 55 lacs/ month replacement & 8 lacs small layer farmers with 1.5 lacs broiler breeding stock with the highly sophisticated in-house production of 15,000-ton pallet feed/ month.

NSPDT thus offer Rs27, 000/ month for fresher vets for the Traineeship program. 

On confirmation, the person would be in charge of a community-owned organization( cooperative/producer company) with a CTC of worth Rs 5 lacs/ annum(inclusive PF, Pension, Child education allowance, Health reimbursement, maternity expenses of a wife up to 2 children, health insurance).Leave encashment, Gratuity, Contingency allowance (to& fro fastest transport for a family in the demise of parents, full sib of self & wife), LTC, Children boarding school expenses, per year LTC & festival bonus are additional.

To apply on ho@mpwpcl.org or nspdtb@gmail.com

For more detail please go through www.nspdt.org