Gwalior Collector issues an exemplary order to allay pain of Animals

Pashu Sandesh, 4th May 2018
“Vaishnav Jan to tene Kahiye je peer parai jaane re”- Mahatma Gandhi (One is a real human only when he understands the pain of others). Gwalior collector Rahul Jain has made these gospel words from Mahatma Gandhi real.

Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh is a part of Bundelkhand region and experiences very high temperatures in the summer season and this year it’s no different. Temperature has reached record high affecting every living being be it Man or Animal. Most of the people from Government or other Animal lovers when thinking about Animals and the summer season, they mostly talk about the pet animals, cows and even birds. But what about the animals which are involved in the transportation of goods and people??? The sole responsibility of the care of these animals as perceived lies with the owner of these animals and on most occasions this so-called owner caretaker is only concerned with his business, gravely overlooking the welfare of these transportation animals.

Gwalior collector Rahul Jain took the cognizance of the plight of these transportation animals and issued an order on 1st May 2018 (incidentally it was Labor Day too) that considering the high temperatures and risk to lives of these animals, no transportation of Good or people will be done on Bullock carts, Pony carts, Camel Carts, Buffalo carts, Donkey carts and Horse Tongas between 12 noon to 4PM. Order to remain effective wef: 1st May to 15th July 2018. Collector cited the Act on “Prevention of the cruelty of Animals act 1960 & cruelty to Draught & Pack Animals Rules 1965 under section 6” while issuing the orders.

Hats off to Collector Rahul Jain on such an initiative and judicious execution of his executive powers.

Generally, we praise DCs for timely issuing orders on the closure of schools following high-temperature conditions and other orders of Public interest but seldom have we seen an order of such nature where the plight of Animals has been taken into consideration.
The aim of this article is not only to inform our knowledgeable readers about the existence of such an order but to remind and urge the high ranking and senior officials from the Veterinary Department to take the stock of the situation in their Districts and States and write and compel district administration to issue such orders about Animal Welfare.

Pashu Sandesh would also urge Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) to issue an advisory to all the states which would be under severe Heat stress in coming days.  Northern and Central States such as Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharshtra ,Telangana etc are especially prone to Heat Wave conditions and an advisory in this regard would be a huge service to these underprivileged and Mute Transportation Animals.