UP Animal Husbandry Department gearing for Bird Flu Threat.

Pashu Sandesh, 30th October 2018

With the advent of winter UP Animal Husbandry Department is gearing for the Bird Flu threat being brought about by the migratory Birds which flock in thousands to the shores of River Ganga from the distant places as far as Siberia. 

UP Animal Husbandry Department has constituted teams to prepare for the threat as informed by the Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Hukum Singh. As per Dr Singh the Veterinary hospitals near the known points off congregation of Migratory birds are told to remain vigilant and inform the Department in case of any sign of Bird Flu in the migratory Birds.

Apart from its own preparation Animal Husbandry Department is also coordinating with the Forest Department and Health Department. Migratory birds are easy targets of the poachers and the Forest Department is being told to remain vigilant. Teams have been told to bury the dead Bird if any as per the laid down procedure for potential case of Bird flu.

Migratory Birds temporarily nest around the shores of Ganga each Year from December to February while travelling more than 10000kms from as far as Siberia and Kazakistan.