Licence of 13 Zoos Cancelled for violating norms set by CZA

Pashu Sandesh, 08 January 2019

Licence to operate and maintain a Zoo of 13 Zoos across India has been cancelled for violating the norms set by the Central Zoo Authority (CZA). CZA is an apex body under Ministry of Environment and Forest GOI and monitor the functioning of the Zoos across India. This information was given by MoS in the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Dr Mahesh Sharma in a Lok Sabha recently.

Under Section 38H(6) of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972. Recognition of thirteen zoos is cancelled by the Central Zoo Authority for the reason of not operating in accordance with the standard and norms prescribed in the Recognition of Zoo Rules notified by the Government of India.The decision was taken by the Central Zoo Authority considering physiological, biological and behavioural requirements for well being of captive animals housed in the respective zoos.

The Central Zoo Authority, as part of the regular evaluation of zoos, points out inadequacies in terms of the standard and norms prescribed in the Recognition of Zoo Rules, alerts the Zoo Operators, it provides a number of opportunities repetitively, for compliance with the conditions stipulated for improvement of the operating conditions of the respective zoo before cancelling recognition.

List of zoos whose recognition is cancelled by the Central Zoo Authority under Section 39-H(6) of the Wild Life (protection) Act, 1972.

Sl.No.     Name of the Zoo                               Location

1.  Deer Park, NFCL                          Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

2. Tungabhadra Mini Zoo                  Ballari District, Karnataka

3.  Maharajbaug Zoo                      Nagpur, Maharashtra

4.  Deer Park, Kasoram Cement      Basant Nagar, Karim Nagar, Telengana

5.  VOC Park Mini Zoo                     Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

6.  Sanghi Mini Zoo                         Koheda, Ranga Reddy, Telangana

7.   Shri Kshetra Sogal Soundatti            Belagavi, Karnataka

8.    Mahatma Gandhi Zoo                 Solapur, Maharashtra

9.  Aurangabad Municipal Zoo            Aurangabad, Maharashtra

10. Snake Park Shetkari Shikshan Mandal  Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Voluntary closure of zoos:

Sl.No.    Name of the Zoo               Location

1.       Wildlife Rescue Centre     Gopalpur Khera, Gurugram, Haryana

2.      Sivagangai Garden Zoo       Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 

3.            Deer Park                   Uchagamanadalam, Tamil Nadu.

The operation of zoos is responsibility of the respective Zoo Operator. The Central Zoo Authority (CZA) does not provide financial assistance to establish and operate zoos. However, subject to availability of Grants-in-aid from the Government of India, the Central Zoo Authority provides financial assistance to zoos for activities specified in the ‘Guidelines for prioritising Grant of Financial Assistance to Zoos’ adopted by the Central Zoo Authority, in order to encourage the zoos to fulfil the objectives of the National Zoo Policy, 1998.