Army Opens Door to Lady Veterinary Doctors

Pashu Sandesh, 21 April 2023

In a landmark move, Army in an official order intimated to the President VCI that the induction of the Lady Veterinary Doctors to the Remount and Veterinary Corps (RVC) as a short-service commissioned officer (SSCO) has been approved by the authorities and soon Army would be advertising the posts on its official website. Earlier, the position of officers in the RVC was only offered to male Veterinary Doctors. The decision has opened new doors for the lady Vets to explore their full potential in an earlier male-dominated domain and prove their mettle. 

Recently in a slew of groundbreaking decisions, Army has allowed many reforms involving Lady officers on giving permanent commissions and postings to the forward areas following directions from the Supreme Court in this regard. Lady Officers are already serving in various branches of the army including the Army Medical Corps and so the late decision for Lady Veterinary Officers has been taken is not clear, However, it is a welcome decision.

The RVC is an administrative and operational branch of the Indian Army and one of its oldest formations. It is responsible for the breeding, rearing and training of all animals used in the army.