Assam: Three elephants electrocuted to death in two days

 Pashu Sandesh, 25 October 2021

Three elephants were killed due to electrocution in three separate incidents in two days in Assam. An 18-year-old female elephant was electrocuted to death in Dholagaon Pathar in Golaghat district on Sunday, two more deaths that of a 45-year-old male in Gorchuk near Guwahati and an 18-year-old male in the Kaziranga National Park’s (KNP) Burhapahar range were reported on Monday.

According to KNPTR authorities, a domesticated male elephant named Oiravat, aged 18 years belonging to the Kaziranga National Park, died after the metal chain tied around his front legs got stuck in an electric pole, which fell on the animal. The incident took place in the Hati Camp area under the Burapahar range of the park, informed KNPTR director P Sivakumar. 

In another incident, the carcass of a 45-year-old male wild elephant, which reportedly died due to electrocution, was found in Gorchuk at Ahom Gaon locality near Guwahati on Monday. Forest officials said the carcass was sent for post-mortem to verify the exact cause of death. 

In the third incident, an adult female elephant aged 18 years died due to electrocution at Dholagaon Pathar in the Golaghat district of Assam on Sunday. The incident took place around 4 am, and signs of burns owing to electrocution were visible on the carcass. A forest official said an electric post of 11 KV line was found tilted in Dholagaon Pathar near the carcass of the elephant.

According to data shared by the forest department, 113 elephants have died in Assam due to electrocution between 2009 and September 25, 2020. Officials said that most deaths can be attributed to electrocution from sagging power lines or illegal electric fences put up by villagers to protect their crops and homes from wandering pachyderms.