Dr CM Singh: The founder President of VCI

Pashu Sandesh, 14th July 202

The Animal Husbandry Department is gearing up for the much-awaited Veterinary Council of India Elections which is going to be a landmark event in the history of the council as for the first time would be held through electronic voting. The history in the making would not have been made possible without mentioning the scions who were instrumental in the very creation of the council which has so many aspirations to fulfil. Pashu Sandesh in a run-up to the VCI elections is bringing forward the stories of all the events and personalities making the foundations of VCI. Today we bring forward the story of a person colloquially known as the ‘Pitamah’ of VCI Dr CM Singh, the founder President of VCI. 

Dr C.M. Singh was born in a remote village in Distt. Jaunpur (UP) on 30th November 1922. a very simple, honest and family man, he obtained BVSc degree from Bihar Veterinary College, Patna and MS, PhD from MSU, East Lansing, USA. 

Dr C.M. Singh was an eminent Veterinary Pathologist and Microbiologist and has made outstanding contributions in animal diseases mainly listeriosis, salmonellosis, mycoplasmosis, bovine lymphosarcoma and slow viral respiratory diseases. 

He was an excellent teacher and researcher. Later, when he joined as Dean at Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar and as Director, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar Bareilly, UP where he worked as the Director for 20 long fruitful years. He proved himself as an able administrator and distinguished veterinary educationist. His vision and thoughtful plans converted post-independent IVRI of 5 Divisions into 21 Divisions of National Institute of International fame. 

Due to the enormous extension of research infrastructure during Five Year Plans to meet the need of farmers and industry, IVRI Bangalore Campus was developed for Foot and Mouth Disease vaccine R&D. High-Security Animal Disease Laboratory at Bhopal (now NIHSAD) was an institution of his visionary planning, is presently engaged in diagnosis of infectious exotic diseases including bird flu. From IVRI, two research Institutes namely Central Avian Research Institute, Izatnagar and Central Institute for Research on Goats, Makhdoom, Mathura developed separately for poultry production and goat development. 

Dr CM Singh’s vast experience in the research and teaching he felt the need to reform the Veterinary Education in this country and was instrumental in the creation of Veterinary Council of India and National Academy of Veterinary Sciences. He was Founder President of these two prestigious national organizations.

An honest man to the core he disregarded his personal comfort over his zeal and enthusiasm for the betterment of the Veterinary education and research in India. Dr CM Singh after putting long and untiring service to his profession breathed his last on 27th July 2005. 

As a mark of respect to this luminary of the Veterinary profession, an endowment trust has been established and many activities such as conferences are being organised. For more information on the trust Dr R. Somvanshi Hony. Secretary (dr.rsomvanshi@gmail.com) can be contacted.

Pashu Sandesh pays its tribute to the first President of the Veterinary Council of India.

(Courtesy: Dr R. Somvanshi,  Hony. Secretary Dr CM Singh Endowment Trust.www.cmset.org)