IPPP-Broiler scheme: An overview

Pashu Sandesh, 05 January 2019

During 2017-18, a new component has been introduced under Innovative Project of Productivity Enhancement (IPPP) component of Sub-Mission on Livestock Development under National Livestock Mission (NLM) on pilot basis for Broiler Rearing and Low-Input Technology (LIT) bird rearing namely Innovative Poultry Productivity Project for Low Input Technology Bird and Broiler. The objective of the scheme is to encourage poultry entrepreneurship in rural areas especially amongst educated and unemployed youth. The Eligible Beneficiaries are farmers preferably belong to Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes, Below Poverty Line and Women, Beneficiary Groups (Self-Help Groups, Joint Liability Groups, Farmers Producers Organisations, Co-operative, etc).

Under IPPP-Broiler scheme, 600 broiler chicks in 4 batches (150 each every 2-3 months in a year-4 batches), shed, equipment (feeder, drinker , etc.), Feed for 6 weeks, Miscellaneous items like litter, medicine , etc., Technical training on rearing of birds and hand-holding through State Government are provided.

Under IPPP-Low Input Technology, 4-week old 400 low-input technology (LIT) birds (dual purpose: egg and meat: 50:50 ratio of hens and cock) in 2 batches with a gap of one and a half years or 18 months (Batches of 200 each), Night shelter and other miscellaneous items like feeder, drinker , etc., are provided. Technical training on rearing of birds is also imparted along with hand-holding. Interested farmers/inpiduals may approach the Block Development Officer/Block Animal Husbandry Officers for further details of the program.