Indigenous cattle population declined by 9.06 million: Dr Balyan

Pashu Sandesh, 21 November 2019

Recently published data from the 20th Livestock Census has shown the increase in the female cattle population as compared to the last census however, there is a decline in the total cattle population. This information was given by the Government in the ongoing Lok Sabha session.

As per the statement of the minister of State for fisheries, animal husbandry and dairying Dr Sanjeev Kumar Balyan, the total indigenous cattle population has declined to 142.11 million in 2019 from 151.17 million in 2012. However, Indigenous and Non-descript female cattle population have increased to 98.17 million in 2019 from 89.22 million in 2012 and the indigenous and non-descript male population has declined to 43.94 million in 2019 from 61.95 million in 2012. This is due to increased mechanisation in agriculture and promotion of sex-sorted semen of indigenous breeds. Minister also pointed out that the provisional data of 20th Livestock Census 2019 also shows the Exotic/Crossbred population of cattle has increased to 50.42 million in 2019 from 39.73 million in 2012. Exotic/crossbred female cattle population has increased to 46.95 million in 2019 from 33.76 million in 2012. The Exotic/Crossbred male population has decreased to 3.46 million in 2019 from 5.97 million in 2012.

This is also indicative of the preference of farmers towards the rearing of productive animals than unproductive animals. Increase in population of females of indigenous and non-descript breeds is a positive sign of Rashtriya Gokul Mission.