No spiked bits on horses in Assam says Govt order

Pashu Sandesh, 01 July 2020

The Assam government has banned the use of spiked bits on horses. State govt has issued an order to all the 33 district veterinary officers to ensure that spiked bits, harnesses or yokes with spikes, knobs or projections, or any sharp equipment are not used to control any animal. The order is issued under the provisions of the prevention of cruelty to Drought and Pack Animal Rules 1965. PETA India welcomed the decision of state govt and offered to lend a hand to enforce the law if asked to.

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in its press release on Tuesday said the government came into action following appeals from the animal rights organizations which pointed out that despite being banned under rule 8 of the prevention of cruelty to Drought and Pack Animal Rules 1965, metal spikes were rampantly used to control horses throughout Assam. The release said that before Assam, many states, including Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Delhi, Karnataka, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh have already issued orders enforcing these prohibitions.   

As per the release, Spiked bits are devices that are fitted into the mouth of horses to control them through inducing pain. These bits have metal spikes sticking out. When spiked bits are used to control horses, it sinks more than a centimetre deep into their mouth ripping their lips and tongue and causing extreme pain, bloody wounds, immense psychological trauma and lifelong damage.