We must have compassion for all living beings: Dr. O.P. Chaudhary

Three Day Animal Welfare Training workshop Inaugurated

Pashu Sandesh, 10 July 2019 (New Delhi)

Report: Dr.R.B. Chaudhary

"We must have compassion for all living beings and should always try to minimize the pain and sufferings of the animals who could not express their pain and agony to anyone, therefore, we must realize their pain and must work for their welfare so that we can enhance our performance in all directions of our lives", said  Dr. O.P. Chaudhary , IFS ,Chairman,Animal Welfare Board of India(AWBI) during his inaugural address of the first batch of three day training programme begin today for Honorary State / District / Legal Animal Welfare Officers of the Board.

During the inaugural session, the Chairman said that the training will spread the message of animal welfare throughout the country as the participants have come from various States. He further stated that harmonious living with all creatures of nature is the highest feature of humanity. Elaborating animal rights and animal welfare measures, he stated that this training will enhance the knowledge of the participants by teaching the rules and regulations for saving the rights of the animals. Chairman told that the participants should not misuse the powers conferred by the nomination of the HSAWO / HDAWO / HLAWO in any aspect and should use these only for the noble cause of animal welfare.

Dr Neelam Bala, Secretary, AWBI welcomed all the participants who came to attend the three days training programme and briefed about the topics which are scheduled to be taught and told that the service of the speechless animals is the highest service in the society. Ms Prachi Jain, Assistant Secretary, Dr S. Bharat Kumar, Humane Education Officer and Dr R. Sumathy, Veterinary Surgeon & Training Coordinator were also present during the inaugural session of the training programme. This training will be continued for the next three days as per course curriculum to make animal welfare volunteers most capable, active and professional.

Dr.R.B. Chaudhary

(Science Writer and Journalist, Former Chief Editor and Media Head of AWBI, Govt. of India)