Vets too suffer from unruly clients but cases go unnoticed

Pashu Sandesh, 17th June 2019

At a time when the whole country is witnessing the stir by the Doctors all over the country against the violence committed by the unruly relatives of the patients, there is need to address the similar violence committed by the owners of the pets against the Veterinary doctors.

Recently four persons were arrested in Thiruvananthapuram Kerala for assaulting a Veterinary Doctor over the death of a pet Dog allegedly due the delay and negligence of the treating Veterinary doctor.

The owner Ansar brought the Labrador Pet dog to the Vet Dr Anoop at a multi speciality Veterinary Hospital at Kudappanakunnu Thiruvananthapuram. As per the protocol, Dr Anoop asked for the case notes from the Vet who previously treated the Dog at the primary centre. Following that the Dog was given treatment and send home. 

Next day Ansar came back along with four friends and started assaulting the Vet Dr Anoop saying that his pet Dog died because of him delaying the treatment. Dr Anoop sustained the injuries and is undergoing treatment at the Medical College Hospital. 

There are various such incidences happening all over the country which are under-reported or not taken seriously. It is a time that the Vets come together amidst the growing demand for enacting the tougher laws to prevent violence against the Human Doctors, and demand similar protection for the Veterinarians too.