Diabetics can benefit from our Camel Milk: AMUL

Pashu Sandesh, 24 January 2019

Following months of preparations, The Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd the owner of AMUL brand has finally launched AMUL brand Camel Milk in the select market of Ahmadabad, Gandhinagar and Kutch in the state of Gujarat. 

The milk will be available in 500ml PET bottles priced at Rs 50 each. The milk is pasteurised and can be kept for three days under refrigeration. The milk will be procured from the Camel rearing farmers from the Kutch region and processed in the AMUL dairy plants. 

According to an official press release, "Camel milk is easy to digest and healthy milk with numerous benefits, most prominent of which is that the milk is high in an insulin-like protein, making it beneficial for diabetic person." The milk has low lactose content and is said to be hypoallergenic to the persons with lactose intolerance. Apart from other health benefits the Camel milk is also said to be beneficial for Children too as it boost the immune system. 

The Camel milk is sour in taste which hampers its acceptability, the problem which AMUL said is addressed with their product which is more tasty. The medicinal value of the Camel milk comes from the varied diet of the Camel which forage on wild herbs which are found only in Desert. 

AMUL is already marketing Camel Milk Chocolates and has plans to expand the market of the Camel Milk if the pilot project has been proved viable. The success of AMUL Camel milk project will bring much needed revenue to the Farmers of the Kutch region.