Suresh Chitturi appointed as chairman of International Egg Commission

Pashu Sandesh, 30 September 2019

Suresh Chitturi, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Srinivasa Farms, has been appointed as Chairman of International Egg Commission. Chitturi took over as the Chairman at the IEC Global Leadership Conference which was held in Copenhagen from 22nd - 26th September 2019. He will hold this position for the next two years.  

Mr Chitturi is the first Asian to become Chairman of IEC. He achieved this position for his contribution in advocacy for the poultry industry, at an international level.

International Egg Commission (IEC) was established at the second International Egg Conference in Bologna, Italy, in 1964.  It is a unique organisation that connects leaders in the global egg industry. IEC is a global network for the egg industry, with members in over 80 countries. The organisation hosts two conferences every year. The main objective of IEF is to help implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals & boost egg production as well as egg consumption in underdeveloped nations to give undernourished infant, kids and families with an independent, sustainable & high-quality protein supply. To attain these objectives, the organization works alongside the world’s largest & most effective charitable foundations and big egg businesses to help ensure high-quality protein is accessible to everyone.

Srinivasa Farms is currently involved in chicken breeding, feed manufacturing, chicken and egg processing, and also soya oil extraction and processing.