MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to inaugurate MPWPCL poultry feed plant

Pashu Sandesh, 23 April 2018

MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan will inaugurate MP Women Poultry Producers Company Pvt Ltd (MPWPCL) poultry feed plant at Kiratpur industrial area Itarsi on 25th April at 11 am. State of the art poultry feed plant will produce 400 tons of high-quality pellets per day.

MPWPCL provide livelihood to thousands of tribal women through backyard poultry. Producer Company has more than 6000 women members of backward and Dalit communities from Hoshangabad, Betul, Dindori, Chatarpur, Tikamgarh, Sagar, Vidisha, Singrauli and Anupur District of Madhya Pradesh. In the year 2016-17 alone MPWPCL and the subsidiaries have done the business of more than 200 crore Rupees.

Poultry feed plant of MPWPCL probably should be the first high capacity Poultry feed plant set up by a poultry sector Cooperative in the country. Feed plant will provide low-cost high-quality poultry feed which would decrease the overall cost of production of the poultry and can enable MPWPCL to compete effectively in the highly competetive Poultry market.