Poultry Industry demand Agriculture status

Pashu Sandesh, 24 Sep 2019

31st Annual General Body Meeting of Poultry Federation of India (PFI) held at Coimbatore on 20 and 21 Sep 2019. More than 500 delegates from poultry Industry from all over the country participated in the Annual Meet. The Highlight of the meeting was the participation of Minister of State Animal Husbandry GOI, Dr Sanjeev Balyan, Dr Raveendra Reddy an MP from Telangana and Owner of SR Agro breeding farm and Mr Cheriyan an MP from Tamil Nadu and a successful Poultry Businessman. Dr Sanjeev Balyan and Dr Raveendra Reddy are also happened to be Veterinary Doctors.

Participation of the Central Minister in the event has provided a direct opportunity to the PFI to discuss the problems of the Poultry Industry on one to one basis. Poultry Industry is going through a rough patch due to a decrease in domestic demand and the rising feed cost due to unavailability of the raw material. This year's heavy rain has also played the spoilsport.

Poultry Industry in India has always been a neglected child of the Government and it has on its own managed an annual turnover of more than 1lakh crore. There are no firm policies of the Government to support an industry which has provided a vital role in ensuring the Food Security of the Nation through the cheap source of high-quality protein. Poultry Industry is also providing huge employment opportunities in both Rural and Urban region. 

Poultry Industry is struggling on the various front including the high cost of Poultry feed and ever-volatile fluctuations in the rates of eggs and chicken. The government could lend a hand of support by declaring the Poultry at par with the Agriculture and Dairy Industry. People involved in the Poultry industry should be treated as Farmers and subsidies should be provided so as to enable the Poultry Industry to compete at both Domestic and International markets. 

Recently the Government has provided big relief by allowing the import of Maize which has up to some extent halted the march of price rise of the poultry feed. If Government could include Eggs in the midday meal program, it would not only provide cheap and good quality protein source to the malnourished children but would create a huge demand of the eggs at the domestic level. 

Like MSP for the crops, the Government can fix the MSP of the Poultry and cushion the Industry from the market volatility. Fixing of MSP could ensure round the year stable prices for the Poultry. 

Dr Sanjeev Balyan while interacting with the PFI members, assured of Government interventions on the problems of Poultry Industry. Hopefully, Poultry Industry should see its “Acche Din’ soon in the otherwise dull and gloomy weather.