Project Milk as Health booster: Mintel

Pashu Sandesh, 22 January 2019

Mintel a leading Global Market Analyst group has a piece of advice for the manufacturers of Milk and Milk products in India. Mintel “MILK AND FLAVOURED MILK - INDIAN CONSUMER REPORT-2018” available at the Mintel website has several insights for the industry.

As per the report,consumer in India is now more conscious about nutritive value of the Milk especially the Protein content. Milk since long is advocated as source of Calcium but the current perception focuses on the Milk as a source of Protein. As the consumer in India is more aware and has become more health conscious, Mintel advises manufacturers to be more transparent in their projections about the possible health benefits of the Milk and Milk products which includes flavoured Milk. There are a large number of non milk drinkers in the country, who can  be brought in to the net by projecting the Health benefits of A2 Milk. Fortification of the Milk is also advised to project Milk as potent health benefit provider to the uber health conscious citizens.

In the words of the Mintel Analyst Natasha Kumar “Milk cannot be considered as just another staple. With the evolving consumer needs, brand manufacturers have to provide more value from their products. Start-ups are providing a disruptive environment in the marketplace for milk. Consumers now want brands to provide them with targeted benefits through transparent processes and ethical claims”.