Sahebrao to get new paws

Pashu Sandesh, 31st December 2018

As we are saying goodbye to 2018, there are heart warming stories which reminds us that not everything is lost and there is hope still somewhere. This is the story of Sahebrao, a 9 year old Tiger who has lost its foot following ensnaring into a trap laid by poachers when it was 2 years old. 

In the 2012 incident its brother lost its life while maiming Sahebrao who had nothing left but to writhe in pain day in day out following the development of Neuroma at the site of operation on the front foot, at Gorewada rescue centre Nagpur.The Tiger of Tadoba range whose roar could be heard once from miles was until now left with pitiful gaze of the onlookers who visited the rescue centre. Not till the visit of an Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Shusrut Babhulkar who took  pity on the animal and has decided to provide an Artificial limb to the Sahebrao. 

Dr Babhulkar has contacted the specialists from all over the world on ways to provide the relief to the animal and everyone taking care of Sahebrao are now hopeful that the new year 2019 would bring new hope and relief. Dr Babhulkar is hoping too that following the surgery of Neuroma and placement of Artificial limb, Shaebrao should be able to lead a near normal life. As per the surgeon when Sahebrao first saw him it stood up and looked majestic. At that moment he decided to help Sahebrao by helping it to walk again on its Four feet without pain.