Training program on Wild life conservation held in Chennai

Pashu Sandesh, 27th September 2018

A three day training program on the Wild life conservation was inaugurated in Chennai on Wednesday. This three day program is aimed at the Forest officials involved in the conservation and protection of the Wild Life. The program is jointly organised by the Advanced Institute for Wildlife Conservation with TRAFFIC WWF India and the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau.

Speaking at the inaugural function, Director of Advanced Institute for Wildlife Conservation Shekhar Kumar Niraj said ,“Today the greatest issue we are facing is to match the level of challenges put up by organised international gangs involved in these crimes. They are immensely affecting our species bringing them close to extinction,” 

Shekhar Kumar Niraj also said that ,“We do not have the modern technology or tools used by other countries to protect wildlife, mainly because it is not a priority here. We have to enhance our knowledge and skill to battle these crimes effectively,” 

The three day training program will have the sessions on species identification through lab techniques, modern approaches to investigate wildlife crimes, including genetic analyses and forensics and an elaborate session on how to take appropriate action against groups caught committing crimes against wildlife.