Anushka join hands with CAT for Tiger conservation

Pashu Sandesh, 13th November 2018

Amidst the furore of killing of Tigress Avni in Maharashtra there is a positive news for the conservation of Tigers. Bollywood popular actress and wife of Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli, has joined hands with the     project Conserving Acers for Tigers (CAT) for raising awareness regarding Tiger conservation in the country. TV Channel Discovery has collaborated for Project CAT with World Wildlife Fund (WWF). 

Anushka Sharma is a well known animal lover and on many occasions raised her voice against animal cruelty. For her contribution to the Animal cause, she was named as the PETA person of the year 2017. 

“Tigers, the glorious wild cats, are in real danger of getting extinct and they need our help. As a large predator, tigers are an umbrella species and play a critical role in ensuring that the delicate ecological balance in the wild is maintained,” said the actor. “The current situation is a sad reflection of us as human beings. All of us need to reflect how we can contribute to make the world a better place to live and ensure that our future generations too can experience this magnificent creature. I just cannot fathom this world without them.” She said in her powerful message, “They are more humane than you think, you could say, almost human, like us.”

In partnership with WWF, Discovery Channel has launched CAT project in 2016 for the Tiger conservation in India and Bhutan and now they are extending their support to the Sunderbans Tigers of West Bengal.

Discovery Channel has expressed happiness over the association Anushka Sharma with the project and hoped that this partnership would certainly bring in focus the burning issue of Tiger conservation.