PCM to take cognisance of killing of Tigress Avni in Maharashtra

Pashu Sandesh, 10th November 2018

Pashu Chikitsak Mahasangh (PCM) an apex body of Veterinary Doctors of India has taken a strong view on the what it terms as an unlawful killing of the problem Tigress Avni in the Yavatmal forest of the Maharashtra. Apex body situated at Panchkula Haryana has served a notice to the Chief Wildlife Warden of the state on 6th November for breaching the Indian Veterinary Council Act, 1984. 

The notice says, according to the act, a veterinarian should have been present when Avni was allegedly tranquillised and subsequently killed. The association is also planning to approach the Central government with the notice highlighting the gross violations of the IVC Act. PCM has also slammed the Maharashtra Veterinary Council for not taking this matter in a befitting manner with the State Government.

As per Dr Chirantan Kadian, President PCM, any drug administered to a schedule 1 animal has to be done by or under the supervision of an experienced and registered veterinarian. The cognisance of this issue should have been taken by the Maharashtra veterinary council but they ignored it. He also added that the tigress was reportedly shot from a distance of 8 to 10 metres, and it is unlikely that the shooter waited for anytime for the drug to work. The dosage of the medicine, reviving the animal using an antidote, consequences of overdose, dehydration, overexertion , etc., cannot be decided by the hunter no matter how experienced he might be.

Use of schedule H or X drug by an unauthorised person is also a gross violation of Drug and Cosmetic act 1945 and in this case should have been administered by a Vet only. All these questions are need to be answered by the Maharashtra Forest department.

PCM has also written an email to the Veterinary Council of India (VCI) in this regard and in response to that Secretary VCI on 9th November written a letter to the Maharashtra State Veterinary Council directing it to examine the matter on priority to certain the alleged flouting of the rules of the Indian Veterinary Council Act 1984 by the Maharashtra Forest Department and submit the report at the earliest.

For the uninitiated readers, the Avni a 5 year old Tigress (code named T1) on the night of November 2, was shot dead by a team of forest staff members and a sharpshooter hired by the forest department, near Borati village in Ralegaon taluka in Yavatmal. T1 is alleged to have killed 13 people since last 2 years and was labelled as Man Eater by the Forest Officials. Forest Department after the huge hue and cry following the killing of Tigress has maintained that killing was done in self defence while an effort was on to tranquillise and capture the problem Tigress.